Tesla's Gigafactory in China Could Be Done in May


Apparently, Tesla's  (TSLA - Get Report) Gigafactory 3 could be completed as early as this May. However, that does not mean it will be operational before summer.

根据上海一位官员的说法,特斯拉上海超级工厂(Gigafactory 3)最早或在今年5月建成。然而,这并不意味着它将在夏天之前投入使用。

That's according to a Shanghai City official, now that construction is well under way after Tesla broke ground on the factory back in January. To bears' dismay, though, Model 3 production in the new factory is still expected to begin before the end of the year, as it will still take some time to get the production line up and running.

今年1月,特斯拉上海工厂破土动工后,目前建设工作正在顺利进行。但令空头失望的是,新工厂的Model 3生产预计将在年底前开始,因为生产线的投产仍需时日。

Shares of Tesla climbed throughout the day and closed up about 2.7% to $284.14 on Friday.


Of course the news out of China is a positive sign, while it's also reassuring about the financing. Tesla recently signed an agreement for a $521 million credit facility from Chinese lenders to finance the operation in Shanghai.


Although it's an additional strain on the balance sheet, it means that CEO Elon Musk's cost outlook for the factory hasn't doubled or tripled from his original outlook. That's unlike prior build estimates and inaccurate forecasts. As we've said, though, Musk is getting better with his prediction accuracy. Tesla keeping costs down will be pivotal to its financial health, particularly over the next several quarters as the company works off the large $920 million convertible debt payment.


It's also likely helping that the company's importing issues with the Model 3 into China are being taken care of. Originally, regulators weren't too welcoming of the Model 3 because of some labeling issues. Why this was seemingly made into a bigger deal than it really is -- regulators have since worked with the automaker on a solution and has said that the labels can be applied at the port -- isn't really clear, other than the fact that Tesla is an intense battleground stock.

此外,这也可能有助于该公司解决Model 3在中国的进口问题。最初,由于一些标签问题,监管机构对Model 3并不太欢迎。这看起来有点小题大做,目前尚不清楚具体原因。自那以来,监管机构一直在与特斯拉商讨解决方案,并表示这些标签可以在港口使用。

Bears and bulls constantly trade jabs in the highly emotional name, and after a ~15.5% drop in just a few days, bulls are apparently ready to play defense. The question will now be whether they can rally the stock back toward $300 and if they can get Tesla stock out of the nasty downtrend funk it's in currently.


The news from China is encouraging and should help Tesla's cause, although the depressing post-earnings result from Nio ( NIO) , the Chinese electric auto manufacturer, certainly isn't doing any favors.

关于中国工厂的消息令人鼓舞,应该有助于特斯拉的发展,尽管中国电动汽车制造商蔚来 (Nio)发布的盈利报告令人沮丧。

While Tesla is looking to become the first wholly-owned foreign automaker producing vehicles in China, it is getting started at a difficult time. While the ongoing trade saga between the U.S. and China has hurt the automaker, its hope is to bypass those headaches by producing within the country.


However, the trade war has also dealt a blow to the Chinese economy and auto industry. Coupled with changing tax rebates from the Chinese government on electric vehicles, the fear is that waning demand will hurt Tesla. Should the trade war get resolved, though, perhaps it will provide the Chinese economy -- and therefore Tesla -- with a much-needed spark.






Gordon Gekko12 hours ago

Done in May? Wow. 2019 will be a decent year for Tesla, but with this factory being up and running, 2020 will be their best year so far. They will be cranking out the 3 and the Y.

5月就完工?2019年对特斯拉来说将是个好年头,随着这家工厂的投产,2020年将是特斯拉迄今为止表现最好的一年。他们会在中国工厂生产Module 3和Module Y。


scdad079 hours ago

Auto assembly plant used to take 3-5 years (toyota in Mexico).

Wait and see.




Dyslexic Shane KO bullies!!11 hours ago

Keep job in America. Not cool



Dana white8 hours ago

Tesla is Done



Alex10 hours ago

Could be done in May and might produce 1st car in December....



Gary Gaunnac4 hours ago

Tariff it at 500 percent for import to the US.



Thomas2 days ago

In other news, Tesla's Gigafactory could be falling apart by July... See Youtube on Chinese construction that goes up quick



zho6 hours ago

that's fast.



Oratusphere9 hours ago

More resources and money for China to build islands with



ChrisA7 hours ago

Not buying a Chinese made car and stay away from Huawei.



NikolaZ4 hours ago

tesla could be done in may



Matt2 days ago

I wouldn't trust a Chinese company assembling.


Dan5 hours ago

So, how long before this wonderful new US automobile company moves all it manufacturing and jobs out of the U.S.? Just another billionaire only caring about making more billions of dollars.



SAM D6 hours ago

Your tax $ at work.



Hamilton9 hours ago

So by June it will be nationalized.



Maki5 hours ago

Quick to build quick to falter. As expected by a Chinaman quality. America is the only country that makes the best products.



AJ7 hours ago

Yet there are still people who can’t accept the obvious fact that Elon is moving, not expanding, his company to China.



MFWIC7 hours ago

Maybe the factory will be built by May, but installing the machinery, and programming the machines and calibration can take up to 1 year for the line to operate full capacity.



Patrick11 hours ago

They should be able to make that for 10k in china



Common humanity Global citizen6 hours ago

A country that allows her most precious technological treasures to be freely thrown away...... Handed to enemies for short term profit.



Jone Doe JR2 hours ago

Brilliant move Tesla...china now has all your intellectual property



davidl5 hours ago

Cost overrun and construction delay rarely happen in China!



USAWINS3 hours ago

Gigafactory in China after building Tesla on the US taxpayers dime! Never drive a Tesla!



APX9 hours ago

China will be pooping out $100 model 3s in a few months

几个月后,中国将推出售价100美元的Model 3


DESMOND4 hours ago

When American plants are up and running, including Tesla, China would have instituted a new law to shut them down if their products for the Chinese market are of substantially lower quality than their home markets. These have been the kind of dirty stuff and tricks the Americans used for the Chinese market. It has been going on for decades.



ForThePeople50 minutes ago

Tesla hater trolls are getting very desperate putting out lies. Looks like Putin, Big Oil, OPEC and NADA are pumping more money out there. Looks like they see this as a last chance.



kevin9 hours ago

They haven’t even started building yet! How the heck are the finished in May? This is nonsense.



Joe10 hours ago

So much for "America's first". How's that MAGA working out so far trumptards?



lewis3 hours ago

Chinese products are of poor quality, fall apart rapidly.


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