What are the dumbest things about life in India?



Zeeshan Ali, Indian

Updated Dec 12, 2016

A lot of people fail to distinguish between necessities and Auxiliaries.




Your iPhone features are your necessities, while the Apple’s logo is auxiliary.

Honestly speaking, Android is more practical for India but a majority of people use iPhones to flaunt.

A lot of People literally pay for that Apple’s logo more than the iPhone features.

Indeed iOS is a great interface, iPhones have better camera and an incredible processing power but in India, people hardly care for these things. All what that matters is the Apple’s logo. Even the back covers of iPhones have a round hollow cavity to flaunt the logo. For them, Logo is the necessity and the features are auxiliaries.

If you don’t believe me, remove the Apple’s logo from the back and try to sell iPhones in India.


The answer is not intended to hurt iPhone users, I would like to congratulate iPhone users to have a great mobile phone.

The answer clearly says that “a lot of people (not all)” buy iPhones for flaunting Apple's logo.

I know a hell lot of iPhone users who bought iPhone to flaunt. Sadly, even my younger brother bought iPhone 4 a long time ago for the same reason however switched back to Android as it was a way flexible.

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我知道很多iPhone用户买iPhone是为了炫耀。遗憾的是,就连我的弟弟很久以前也因为同样的原因购买了iPhone 4,但后来又换回安卓手机,因为它用起来更方便。


Sneha Kerkar

Updated Jan 9, 2015

If you are a 24 yr female or a 29 yr male and unmarried, then you must have had a failed love affair or there is a fault in your stars. Any other (genuine) reasons are plainly unacceptable.

If you aren't an Engineer/Doctor, you must have been weak in studies because apparently science is the smart people's choice and economics/arts are left-over choices for the academically dumb people.

No matter how a guy/girl looks, their parents are always looking for 'Fair & Lovely' bride or 'Fair & Handsome' groom. After-all, life's about being fair here.

A person who is dressed well in a western attire and speaks good English is the smartest.

Our politicians are so corrupt. Our system is even more corrupt. But we are not. We never contribute to corruption.

There are North-Indians and South-Indians and then there are the rest who are not Indians because they look like neither North nor South Indian. Unity in Diversity.

All of us strictly follow the yellow traffic signal light. Zebra crossing is designed for vehicles to stand first for chasing the red/green lights. One has to look both ways to cross a one-way street. Footpaths are meant for adventure lovers in the city to experience off-roading.

We love the aroma of plastic. We never want to take the plastic covers off any new commodity even if the commodity is not new any more! That's a healthy obsession.

Every time you go abroad, you are expected to return with a whole lot of goodies for everybody you have known or not known - that distant aunt of yours you met when you were 4 yr old. She wants a perfume!

Black Cat, Lizard, Snake - These animals decide our fate sometimes: 'A black cat crossing your path' or 'Lizard falling on your left shoulder' or 'Killing a snake'.

Edit: Please note all of the above points are written on a sarcastic note. Refrain from commenting that I don't agree with Point #X. I don't agree with either of the above points either and that's why they are listed here, right?













Shaivya Rastogi, Interned at the 58th of the Met'LIFE', The Big Apple.

Updated Jun 10, 2015

Thanks for the A2A Himanshu Singh.

A man works his ass off for 30 years, and builds up his savings, only to spend more than half of them in one night, on his daughter's wedding.

How is this fair?

EDIT: A lot of people are commenting about how some people arrange a lavish wedding by choice. Just to clarify, here I'm talking about the men who end up spending a lot on the wedding because of societal pressure.

Although, I still think spending lacs of rupees on a single-night-event that would be forgotten within a week by 95% of the people attending it, is not sensible (even if you have the money to do it). But it's a personal opinion, and everybody has the right to make their own decisions.

感谢Himanshu Singh的提问。






Prashansa Gaur, worked at athenahealth

Updated Mar 5, 2015

A girl who doesn't cook is a girl not worthy enough.

It is OK to throw garbage on a pile of an already existing garbage at the corner of the street.

Cricketers/Film stars are God :/

Talking about periods (Oops! did I actually say that word! :O) is a taboo.

Pre-marital sex - OMG! that's like the biggest character flaw in you,and even the most literate US returned guys would back off to marry you, let alone their parents.

Bra strap!!! Yes!!! You heard me right! It's like a lion in a cage and should never ever be visible to anybody. Girls even use codes to warn each other of this gruesome situation if it occurs in public. Most funny one being "Indira Gandhi Parliament se bahar aa rahi hain"- Indira Gandhi (metaphor for bra)is coming out of the Parliament (metaphor for garment worn over the bra).

Working in big companies means big job, small company/start-ups equates to small job.

The big deal about US trips - Yes, a trip to the US allows the guys to demand 50% hike in the dowry market.

You can piss in public but you can't kiss in public.

Age defines superiority. "Beta uncle ji se zabaan nahi ladate!" (Do not argue with Uncle, since he is elder than you).






文胸带! ! !是的! ! !你没听错!它就像笼子里的狮子,永远不应该让别人看到。如果在公共场合发生这种可怕的情况,女孩们甚至会用密语来警告彼此。最有趣的一个是英迪拉甘地(胸罩的隐喻)走出议会了(胸罩外面穿的衣服的隐喻)。






Pratyasha Baruah, studied at Delhi Public School, Guwahati

Answered Dec 23, 2014

People can't stop judging each other here.

Wear short clothes, you'll get accused for "craving attention. "

If you have tattoos or piercings, you're probably a spoilt brat.

Hangout with guys, they will call you a slut.

The misconception of most of the people that only the below average students opt for Humanities.

Almost each one of us who has/had taken Humanities can relate to this.

People over here generalise skinny people as unhealthy and anorexic.

You think being thick is hard? You should see the constant comments the skinny people get in a country like India where people believe the more you eat (be it healthy food or not), more stronger and healthier you are.

It's almost impossible to live as a gay, lesbian or bisexual in this society without noticing the fact that most of the people will see you as a freak of nature.

Here, people can't mind their own business.

Constant gossiping, passing remarks and complaining to random people are the favourite pastime of some people.

A girl of a darker complexion will have to face constant remarks from some of the outdated people.

The fair and lovely ads pisses me off. We don't need to be fair to look lovely.

Lastly, being a guy must be pretty hard here because every female stranger will see you as an eve-teaser.
















Pallavi Ghosh, Indian

Updated Jan 21, 2015

A few of them :

Homosexuals are punished here while rapists roam around free.





Demanding equality and supporting reservation. The only country where people wish to be a part of the backward classes.

We enjoy Hindi movies and a majority of them are love stories while, love marriages are a big No-No from the parents. Going to the extents of honour killing.

You are not supposed to talk to a stranger, but are expected to marry one. And as the Indian Film Industry projects the concept of the suhaag raat (The Wedding night) one is also supposed to consummate the marriage with a total stranger.

People who fight over Gita and Quran, chances are, may never have read one.

For the whole week people would relentlessly eat eggs, chicken, beef etc. but suddenly on a Tuesday, the realization that it is against their religion dawns upon them.






One may commit the dirtiest of Sins and absolve oneself by bathing in the holy Ganges.



The legal age for drinking is 25 but you can always get married at 21.



We protect everything with plastic, but using condoms is stupid.



The citizens take a stand against rape cases and rapists immediately after a case, however, probably more people follow and appreciate this man who has allegedly written / recorded songs which objectify women in the most disgraceful manner.



A lot of Indian people would turn their face when they see someone shitting, but lose their mind when they see a couple kissing.



We question technology but believe in our superstitions.



Anyone who is different is a freak.



The predominant "Don't dare to question elders. Never ever!".



The whole concept of - Government job rules, private job sucks.



Women empowerment of sorts : Talk of more women in top positions in corporate world but when it comes to changing the job to be at same place after marriage or taking care of children, by default, it is considered sole responsibility of the woman.


The Dowry System : Some IAS officer writes a 500 word essay during his UPSC exam on "Why Dowry is bad" and goes onto take crores in dowry once he becomes an IAS officer.



Utkarsh Shukla, Editor of Cricket Tracker

Updated Jun 13, 2015

Date - 26 March 2015

India vs Australia, World Cup 2015 Semi Final at SCG

India was chasing a humongous total of 329 & the task was hugely depended on Indian star Virat Kohli & Bollywood Actress (Virat's Girl-friend also) Anushka Sharma was also in the stadium. Unfortunately, it was his off day and he got out on just 1 run after struggling 13 balls.




After this wicket, Virat became Villian & Anushka became Trolling material for many people across social sites. That was the dumbest thing, I ever witnessed. I mean seriously! Blaming Anushka for Virat's dismissal! Where were these trollers when Virat scored 700+ runs in the Test series vs Australia? Anushka was there also. She was just another spectator who came to cheer his country & the special one. How we can go so much personal for a player who gave us so much to remember? This is the problem with India, one bad day & no one remember who you are.

Really irritating incident.

Another incident also came in this match. When India was on the verge of losing the match, security outside the house of Indian Skipper MS Dhoni increased as the prevention from any sort of attack by angry fans.





Wow! Hats off! A captain who won all the ICC Trophies, took his team unbeaten in the world cup till the semi final, deserve this? Seriously, these heroes deserves better fans who know to support their team during bad time.

Those who pelted stones on Yuvraj Singh's house after World T20 2014 finals. Just remember that without him World T20 2007 & World Cup 2011 was impossible.

Seriously, it was dumbness at its best. Just don't know why such people even exist.





Shilpa Sharma, former Intern at Dr. Morepen (2015-2016)

Updated Jun 15, 2015

The mindset of people who;

- Thinks Reading is for losers.

- Honey Singh will get grammy.

- You will have to put everything on Facebook.

- Who remembers birthday via Facebook.

- Will you fraaaaandship with me?

- I'm a man. I will drink, smoke and abuse a girl.

- A guy has no right to be emotional.

- Marriage will solve all problems. If one is married, having a kid will solve all problems.

- You want to be a writer? But how will you earn money?

- You have a psychological problem? Let's go to this chamatkaari baba.



- Honey Singh能获得格莱美奖。











Abhyudaya Ranglani, Management Consultant (2018-present)

Updated Aug 1, 2015

So. Many. Things.

Here's one off the top of my head: Celebrity Culture

Cricketers, Actors, Super-models, et al. Even their freaking progeny are considered to be mini-celebrities.

Most of the newspapers and journals are littered with gratuitous details about whose daughter is hot, who is sleeping with who/whom, who just bought a fancy car and what not. The list is endless.

I don't give a flying fuck about all those things. I couldn't care less about some shitface who fell down the stairs or about the guy who just got a colonoscopy.

I simply don't give a fuck.







To me, the 60 odd year old guy pulling a rickshaw on the road (just so that he can feed himself/his family) is a hero. Not some ever-shirtless nincompoop who drives drunk, runs over hapless street folk and then lays a shitty claim to being human.

The people who defend our borders. The people who clean the streets. The people who take the pains to serve others in need. They should be treated like celebs. Not the people with ridiculous attires walking down ramps and/or running around trees. And certainly not a bunch of individuals (either collectively or individually) striking/chasing balls (of varied sizes/shapes).

P.S: To the people who were offended by this answer: well, it was intended to offend you.





Hursh Gupta, Proud Indian.

Updated Jul 5, 2015

USA legalizes same sex marriage. To celebrate the pride Facebook started rainbow filters in profile picture.

So, US gave freedom to marriage. Most of the Indians who doesn't even have freedom to marry opposite sex without family concern started applying rainbow filter in our profile pictures. And point to be noted in India has denied the law.

There are many other countries where same sex marriage is legal and most of them even had no idea about that. 

Adding Amaan Rizwan point:

Indian Supreme Court recognized Transgenders as Third Gender, giving them an identity in the society/Government documents = No one cares on Facebook.

US Govt. allows Gay Marriage after 50 years of political games = Many Indians burst into PRIDE, specially Internet liberals ones.





这里加上Amaan Rizwan的观点:




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