Allow duty-free imports of 85% products: China



NEW DELHI: China has asked India to allow duty-free import of 85% of its products into the country, a move that is putting pressure on policymakers as they grapple with the complex negotiations for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to create the world’s largest free-trade agreement.


India has offered to open up 74% of its market to Chinese goods in a phased manner but Beijing is not satisfied with the proposal. During bilateral discussions with China, officials were told that the Asian giant was willing to give duty-free access to 92% of Indian exports, provided New Delhi raised the bar by opening up more.


Compared to other countries where over 90% of imports can come duty-free, India has offered lower concessions to China. Even the current offer is fraught with the risk of goods from across the border swamping Indian markets and further impacting the massive trade deficit, which was estimated at $63 billion during the last financial year.


But officials conceded that there is little option before India but to open up its market gradually with a long tariff phase-out period so that domestic players have time to adjust to competition. “We have opportunities in segments where China may be a dominant player. Plus, we are seeking up to 20 years to dismantle the import duties,” said a senior trade official.


The domestic industry is, however, not entirely convinced with the need to push a massive trade opening up.


Talks for RCEP have been underway for over six years now but India is seen to be holding up a deal, given its worry over cheap imports entering the country and wiping out several sectors. Apart from India and China, Asean members, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea are negotiating a deal, with 2019 being the latest deadline to clinch a deal.


During a meeting last week, trade ministers from the 16 countries vowed to intensify negotiations to conclude talks over the next few months.




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Venkiteswaran - 3 hours ago -Follow

It should be the opposite. Only 15%should be duty free, rest to be charged 100 to 200% based on the materials imported which is in competition which affects Indian producers. I would suggest a temporary ban on Chinese imports till they come around to India's views and action on Pakistan and our entry into Nuclear club.



Shamik Roy - 2 hours ago -Follow

How dare China asking for advantage? Have they agreed for permanent member of India in NSG or helped to work against terrorists? Their govt supported cheap production will ruin Indian business as it happened in US and other major countries.

中国凭什么提要求?他们是否同意凤凰彩票加入核供应国集团?是否愿意帮助打击恐怖分子?受政府补贴的 中国货先是摧毁了印度尼西亚等国家的产业,现在又要摧毁凤凰彩票的产业了


Somashekhar Shetty - 3 hours ago -Follow

Never include Chinese products in duty free. Infact, increase tax on Chinese products by 400%



Ashley King - 3 hours ago -Follow

As China is keen to export being India a big market, India should put condition that deficit gap will be filled in phased manner. It is important India must push and invest heavily on electronics related industries where a huge chunk of import comes.



MrBoobs - Right Here - 3 hours ago -Follow

You don''t like Indian offer then go to hell. No one is forcing you.



Jacs Geo - 1 hour ago -Follow

With trade deficit so high, and China actively working against, India should impose higher duties on chinese products.



Prashant - Allappey - 2 hours ago -Follow

India needs a national movement against China and chinese products, create a committee and a action plan involving, Industrialists, Banks, Policy Makers, Major End users to agree on alternatives to Chinese product, Make in India or import from countries which are favourable to India and we shouldn't become a dumping ground for low quality cheap Chinese products like America



Satyanarayan - 3 hours ago -Follow

product manufactur in India must be first priority and that chainise product must not be duty free to promote Indian product



Cobra - PIGS are a disease, Bacon is the cure - 2 hours ago -Follow

Vacate 85% of Aksai Chin and then we have a deal. Till then, even 74% is too much. No Chinese products should have duty free access till they have Aksai Chin and continue to support the PIG nation. We export only 35 billion dollars of goods to China, but we import more than 90 billion. This means China will lose 3 times more than us if trade stops between the 2 countries. We have nothing to lose. Cut all trade and promote make in India



Lajwanti - 2 hours ago -Follow

It is not demonetisation or GST that has hurt small scale industries in India but the cheap goods from China has hurt it the most. None of our political jokers has ever mentioned this.



Manoj Sahoo - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 2 hours ago -Follow

Plz keep strict quality norms. Chinese products are just useless.



Jumla Expert - 3 hours ago -Follow

Even though Minimum Wage is much higher in China, India cannot compete.

Like FEKU, Lazy Indians only Talk and Talk and do nothing.



Chandrakant - 1 hour ago -Follow

Ban all imports from Chaina



Jatinder - GuEsS - 1 hour ago -Follow

get out of aksai chin, support india in UN for permanent seat, dump pakistan, and stay away from North East....till then all chinese goods should be blocked or 200% duty



Krishnamurti Rao - 1 hour ago -Follow




Vijay Chauhan - 2 hours ago -Follow

India must reduce business with China. India should impose higher duty on Chinese products and maintain trade balance imposing NO-DEFICIT policy.



Keerthi - Bengaluru - 2 hours ago -Follow

they are dumping junk into the market.



Ved - 2 hours ago -Follow

impose 200% tarrifs on all imports from china



Ram Bharat Charankamal - 1 hour ago -Follow

Stop all China products, this is the right time to crush China economically and later by war !

Jai Hind

抵制中国货,在经济上打击中国,然后用战争摧毁中国了! 凤凰彩票必胜!


Hindustan - 1 hour ago -Follow

We are about to ban chinese products



Ashish - 1 hour ago -Follow

Due to WTO and different rules, Govt of India is helpless in curbing imports from China, however, govt is not forcing us to buy cheap Chinese products. All I ask the citizens and so called patriots is to avoid buying Chinese goods as much as possible. We are shameless to ask Soldiers for the sacrifice when we our selves have zero committment towards the motherland



Ratish Sharma - 1 hour ago -Follow

100% customs duty on all Chinese imports so that Indian youth get jobs in industries made in India.


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