GDP growth falls to 6.6% in Q3, slowest in five quarters


NEW DELHI: The country's GDP (gross domestic product) growth for the October-December (Q3) slowed to 6.6 per cent from 7 per cent in the previous (July-September) quarter, government data showed on Thursday. This is the slowest GDP growth rate in five quarters since July-September 2017, dragged by weak consumer demand.

新德里:周四,凤凰彩票政府数据显示,凤凰彩票第三季度(2018年10 - 12月)的GDP增长从上一季度(7 - 9月)的7%放缓至6.6%。受消费需求疲软拖累,这是自2017年7月至9月起的5个季度以来的最低GDP增速。

Consumer spending, which accounts for near 60 per cent of the economy, slowed to an 8.4 per cent rise annually in the December quarter, compared to a revised 9.9 per cent rise in the previous quarter.



The data revised the country's 2018-19 GDP forecast to 7 per cent from 7.2 per cent. The Q2 GDP number has also been revised to 7 per cent from 7.1 per cent.

该数据将2018 -2019年GDP增长的预测从7.2%修正至7%。第二季度GDP数据也从7.1%修正至7%。

A poll conducted by news agency Reuters had predicted that the economy likely grew at 6.9 per cent in the third quarter ended in December. Forecasts for GDP ranged between 6.3 per cent to 7.9 per cent and suggested a significant fall from a more than two-year high of 8.2 per cent in April-June 2018.


Commenting on the GDP figures, Aurodeep Nandi, India economist, Nomura told Reuters that, "The GDP growth number essentially shows the cyclical slowdown entrenching itself. Going ahead we do expect further moderation on tighter financial conditions, weaker global demand and political uncertainty. Therefore, despite budget and policy interest rates easing, there are enough growth headwinds to overpower the policy tailwinds."

野村证券凤凰彩票经济学家Aurodeep Nandi在评论GDP数据时对路透社表示,“GDP增长数据本质上表明,周期性放缓正在加剧。我们预计,金融环境趋紧、全球需求疲软和政治不确定性将进一步缓和。因此,尽管预算和政策利率都在放松,但经济增长的逆风足以压倒政策的顺风。

He added, "With low food prices keeping RBI's headline inflation projection for end-2019 below 4 per cent, the dullness of growth prospects serves as a recipe for a 25 basis point rate cut by in April."



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Arun Huddar - 19 hours ago -Follow

Opposition needs some bone to chew on, here we go.

The 21 leaders of opposition will come together to make a public statement.




Aloo Ki Phactory - India - 17 hours ago -Follow

I''ll keep voting Modi/BJP until they give is GDP growth rate on 10%



MrBoobs - Right Here - 18 hours ago -Follow

Pappu is responsible for this. Always creating obstacles in India''s progress.



Sixth Sense - 17 hours ago -Follow

God bless you mr editor, you will be tagged as anti-national soon.



Anthony Kalia - 16 hours ago -Follow

Now for this also they will say Congress and Nehru responsible.



Manas Kanti - Mumbai - 17 hours ago -Follow

liar 56 inch will take it to 4%....



BE INDIAN - 17 hours ago -Follow

Modi is inexperienced in handling economy. He might run the economy to the ground. His cabinet is also a failure. Modi is all about talk and no action.



Nataraj Bhattacharya - Raipur - 18 hours ago -Follow

In GDP, about 50% is effort of center, and remain 50% is collective efforts of all states ( e.g. Maharashtra 5%, UP 4% etc that add to other 50). Interestingly, any particular state slowing down will lower national GDP. Therefore, to interpret this data, we need state wise breakup.



Paranthaman S - TN - 19 hours ago -Follow

LOOTERS UPA rule.. INDIA SCREWED... During MODI rule, India fastest growing economy...



Anthony Kalia - 16 hours ago -Follow

very soon it will drop to 2% , this is also fake as Modi, Indian economic condition is much more bad than it is seen, and he wants to do war for his election victory.This person Modi is a curse for India, this is god punishment for Indians. This man Modi will totally destroy India.



BE INDIAN - 17 hours ago -Follow

Modi expect he can hide his failures behind the current conflict. He is a crook.



Mudi - Gujriot - 19 hours ago -Follow

Time for emergency meeting on how to best fudge the data. I think a foreign third party neutral body should be called to examine this data as I have no confidence in this government.



Ranveer - 18 hours ago -Follow

Not only is the growth rate anaemic, what is even more discomfiting and disconcert is the rising inequalities and widespread disparities in wealth creation which has attained even greater momentum after this Modi Govt., came to power. Many reputed Global surveys have confirmed this depressing trend where just less than 1% of the population corner over 75 percent of National wealth. It is also an open secret that this Govt., is favouring a few select Industrialists over others thereby signaturing



Pkmkb - 19 hours ago -Follow

no need to worry Mr. Jhumla will change the base year and GDP will shoot up.



Ashok Kamath - Udupi - 18 hours ago -Follow

One must remember that Indian Economy is in good shape compared to other major countries including China...



Anurag - 19 hours ago -Follow

Bas maza aa gaya piddiyon ko.This was expected and it will remain low if indo pak tensions escalate further.And if govt rigged data you would not see this report in the first place.



Manas Kanti Kar - Mumbai - 14 hours ago -Follow

Liar 56 inch will bring it down to 4% next quarter.



Dipak - 15 hours ago -Follow

The more the GDP will go down the more Modi's jingoism will rise high. Moreover, actual downtrend of the GDP must be alarming. Because, the chairman of the National statistics had resigned due to the suppression of real data. Since then govt is releasing the inflated data. To divert the attention of the people from reality Modi needs jingoism.



Vasaikars M - Vasai - 17 hours ago -Follow

Who cares ? All the issues like jobs growth development are on the backburners .



blohot - India - 17 hours ago -Follow

Who wants GDP or growth when we can throw bombs at Pakistan.



Tsepa - 18 hours ago -Follow

what more can we expect from this BHAKtooo ki govt.



Ganguman Ganguman - 18 hours ago -Follow

Modi ... u reduced us to nothing



Believes - 19 hours ago -Follow

Wrong news.This rate downfall was the news of 2017 but since 2018 the GDP rate was running more than 7%.For ascertain true facts you can do a google search to check current GDP rate status of India.



Charanjit Singh - 14 hours ago -Follow

Means actual GDP is below 5% after taking into account jumlanomics and data gymnastics.



Souvik Ghosh - Kolkata - 14 hours ago -Follow

A fully nonsense govt. Economy in shambles. It is going down more and more. Now it seems nothing will revive it.



Rohit Kadam - 17 hours ago -Follow

With high unemployment rates and unequal economic growth, consumer demand was expected to fall.



Vihin - Nihiv - 17 hours ago -Follow

After seeing 6.6 figure, Modi has only one regret. Why the data were not released on the date of Pulwama attack. Ppl would have forgotten by now.



Clarke - 15 hours ago -Follow

We will again devise new method to caculate GDP.



Yashodhan - Mumbai - 17 hours ago -Follow

the data has been released without vetting by F.M.PM.NITI AYOG SURJIT Bhalla. after vetting it will be 9.5 in the first revision then ultimately to 10.2.



Nitin Hirey - Mumbai - 14 hours ago -Follow

So what if our GDP fells or HDI fells but our jingoism and fake nationalism is very high under Modi.



ashis - India - 18 hours ago -Follow

He who took the praise for 7.2 % GDP growth, should now take criticism for lower growth even in the winter time


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